Organic farm

Natural. Authentic. Honest

We farm approx. 35 hectares of meadows and pastures of which ca. 9 ha are meadows which are mown once a year and the rest are mown twice a year.
The farm is orientated to laying hens/egg production which plays an important role. In contrast to conventional hen rearing, the hens on the Beckahof are reared organically and every hen has a 10m² run. The eggs are sold to catering/restaurant businesses in Nauders and we also supply the retail chain MPreis where the eggs are sold via the BIO VOM BERG brand. The rest are sold direct in our farm shop which is open from 7.00 am to 9.30 pm and operates on a self-service and trust-based paying system.
Our main breed of cattle on the farm is the Fleckvieh and we also have a few Tyrolese grey. We have an average of 30 cattle – 15 mother cows and their calves. In the summer, all our mother cows and calves are on the meadows, but our hens and 2 dogs Flocki and Luna stay on the farm.
On our farm, children can learn about species-appropriate/fair animal rearing and all guests are invited to explore the farm and barns (supervised).