Farm shop

Opening times from Monday to Sunday from 7.00 am - 9.30 pm

Organic tastes this good! Pay us a visit and see what’s on offer. Our own farm shop offers naturally produced products ranging from fresh organic eggs daily to organic milk from our cows as well as many organic pasta varieties made out of our own eggs.

Our pasta varieties:

  • ORGANIC spelt spirali
  • ORGANIC tortiglioni
  • ORGANIC tagliatelle
  • Pasta for soup
  • Chifferi
  • Macaroni
  • Spaghetti
  • Sputnik (a little like fusilli)
  • Spätzle (Swabian noodles)

Many partner businesses also supply us with homemade products which we sell in our farm shop. Only as long as stocks last, of course!


  • Farm ice cream from the Habicher family (Daniel and Barbara) from Nauders
  • Yoghurt from the Wolf family (Sissi and Robert) from Nauders
  • Eggnog from our own production

Upon request, we can also prepare gift baskets or bags as a souvenir for you to take home.

Our farm shop operates on a trust basis which means you shop undisturbed, all items are priced and there is a calculator and note paper if required. After purchasing your items, please place the correct amount in the basket or box by the door. NO CHANGE GIVEN! So please make sure you have enough coins so that you can pay the exact amount. OPENING HOURS: Monday - Sunday from 7.00 am - 9.30 pm, also bank holidays.

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